College and Greek Life: Finding a Perfect Balance

Deciding to “Go Greek” will add countless memorable experiences to your college career, but will also take some time and commitment. There is no reason you cannot be a great student and an awesome leader in your chapter, but it does take some balancing. To make the most of Greek life and the rest of your college experience, remember to…

Join with friends. If you have friends in the same major or dorm, join a particular sorority or fraternity together. You can keep each other accountable in all areas because you have similar schedules and lifestyles. You can also count on these friends to fill you in on a class you may miss, or a chapter event that took a backseat to a study group.

Say “no” sometimes. You simply cannot say “yes” to everything that comes across your path. There are way too many things to do in a college setting to commit to it all. You do not have a choice when it comes to class assignments, but you can certainly say “no” to study groups if you think you can more efficiently cram on your own. The same is true of Greek commitments; do what you say you will do, but do not raise your hand if you know you cannot dedicate the right amount of time to a task.

Plan ahead. Sit down every weekend and chart out the upcoming week. What homework will you have? When are your classes? What Greek events are on the agenda? Plot out scheduled events, and then make a to-do list that includes class responsibilities, fraternity or sorority commitments and other personal items (plan for things like grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments or visits from parents). Put everything in order based on priority and then start checking things off the list as you complete them.

Remember to have fun. The college years go by quickly so remember to enjoy the ride. If you know that you have a big project due the morning after a rush event, make a point to finish it early so you can relax at the event and still get a good grade. Greek life offers a great outlet to the stresses of college academics, so take advantage of that release – just attend to your class responsibilities first.

You really can have it all when it comes to a successful college career that includes fraternity or sorority membership – and the entire course of your life will be fuller as a result.

How do you manage the demands of college and Greek life successfully?

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