Organize Your Chapter-Wide Functions with Formal Builder

T.E.A.M. has created the first Greek Formal Planning Software in the world. FormalBuilder is the only technology of its kind. It is the only chapter that allows per person pricing for your formal needs.

Planning a fraternity or sorority event is a lot more complicated than you could ever imagine. You can even put together a committee to plan these types of events and you will still overlook critical aspects of a successful campaign. You don’t want to be the one stressing out badly and slapping your head in frustration because you didn’t hire an event planner. Successful event planning companies take care of even the smallest of details, nothing, and we mean nothing, is ever left to chance. Leave the stress to us and enjoy your formal event.

All you need to do is contact us a give us a few details concerning your fraternity or sorority formal event. All we really need from you is a budget and we can discuss all the available options.

So if you are attempting to plan a sorority or fraternity formal event on your own and can’t even come up with a good theme, then how do you expect to coordinate decorations, car service and all the other small details that go along with such a difficult task?

This is why you need us.