Reviews From Our Recent Clients

Joey Vitucci
“Overall, FormalBuilder was a huge help and easy to work with. Their planners were and our rep and made a huge effort to make sure we had a great event…In the future I would not work with any other company!“
Joey Vitucci ΚΣ Indiana University
Sarah Lin
“Provided everything we needed for our formal! Great to work with fellow Alumni Greeks and absolutely helped us have a great time“
Sarah Lin ΑΧΩ University of Arizona
Ross Kroll
“Provided everything we needed for our formal! Great to work with fellow Alumni Greeks and absolutely helped us have a great time“
Ross Kroll ΑΕΠ University of Arizona
Josh Isaacs
“FormalBuilder went above and beyond with our Vegas trip. Brothers were worried it would be difficult, but group check-in was easy and our room keys were in hand as soon as we arrived. Everyone had an amazing time.”
Josh Isaacs ΑΕΠ Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Olivia Hill
“I have used FormalBuilder for three years now and I have yet to be disappointed. For consecutive semesters they have given me everything I have asked for while staying under budget and have some of the best formals my chapter has seen. I will continue to use FormalBuilder for as long as I am social chair and I will definitely be passing down the info to the new social chair in the spring. You guys are amazing!”
Olivia Hill ΑΟΠ San Jose State University
Josh Schiff
“FormalBuilder is AWESOME, they made our brothers feel like the kings of Vegas for the weekend, there was a hot tub on our balcony… it was insane!”
Josh Schiff ΑΕΠ UC Santa Barbara
Curtis Dao
“FormalBuilder Is simply the best. Our formal in Lake Tahoe was amazing. They got us a great deal and handled every detail we needed. We will definitely be working with them in the future!”
Curtis Dao ΣΦΕ Sacramento State University
Luke Miller
“Made it easy and stress free for me and everyone else involved. “
Luke Miller ΛΧΑ Murray State
Josh Schiff
” FormalBuilder made it very easy to plan our Formal. Everything went very smoothly.”
Josh Schiff ΠΚΤ University of Florida
Trevor J Gerard President
“Flawless weekend, my chapter could not have asked for more!”
Trevor J Gerard President ΣΑΕ UCSD
Austin Flye
Our event was great, our event planner was awesome to work with! She did a great job!”
Austin Flye ΚΣ University North Carolina- Chapel Hill
Kristina Broun
” FormalBuilder gave me all the info I needed when I was in a time crunch. If something didn’t work, they were fine with presenting me with more options.“
Kristina Broun ΔΖ Old Dominion University
Melanie Watson
“FormalBuilder did an amazing job planning my organization’s formal. Between school, work and sorority, I don’t know how I could have done all the planning on my own. Such a great help and time saver! “

Melanie Watson ΞΔΘ Carleton University
Sami Kahn
“We had a great semi-formal thanks to FormalBuilder — they did a great job planning and giving us a a great event! Definitely will be using them again.“
Sami Kahn ΣΧ Texas A&M
“FormalBuilder really made our Fall Formal the best it could’ve been! “
Tom ΣΦΕ Sacramento State University
Reid Baker
” Nothing better than drinking champagne with your date and your brothers overlooking the strip in a Jacuzzi as the sun comes up after a great night in Vegas. Go FormalBuilder!!!“
Reid Baker ΣΑΕ Arizona State University
Will Fanning
“Working with T.E.A.M was easy and staying in contact with their planners was no problem as she was able to answer any questions anytime along the way via text, email, or phone“
Will Fanning ΠΛΦ North Carolina State University
Kyle Godwin President
“As a Fraternity president and extracurricular leader myself, I must say that FormalBuilder is one of the most organized, helpful and entertaining companies I’ve ever worked with. Anyone in Greek life can tell you that it is extremely difficult to organize a large formal when dealing with several 18-22 year old college men and women – FormalBuilder solved that problem and made everything easy for us. Every single person who attended NAU Sigma Chi’s Fall 2012 formal in Las Vegas, Nevada has said that this past weekend was the best weekend they’ve ever had in their college career. The rooms were great, the penthouse was breathtaking and the DJ was awesome. Thank you Mike Olivas and everyone at FormalBuilder who made my life easy and gave 120+ of my closest friends a weekend to remember for the rest of our lives. We will definitely be going through FormalBuilder again next fall and passing the word onto other Greek organizations around the country.”
Kyle Godwin President Sigma Chi Fraternity Northern Arizona University