Ambassador Program

T.E.A.M Pays Presidents/Social Chairs to Plan Their Chapters Formals

T.E.A.M. will cut you a check for the per couple price of your formal, so you and your date go for free! Get Paid To Plan!

How It Works

Work With T.E.A.M.

Allow T.E.A.M. to give you some great formal options while working 1 on 1 with our experienced event planners. Chose a option that best fits your chapters needs and budget.

Spread the Good Word on Campus

Simply share the same positive experience that 1000's of other chapters have had while using our services.

Give Us Honest Feedback

Your voice matters, what did you think, how was your experience? Oh, and we'll ask you some advice on our new tech as well. 

Hiring 300 Reps Nationwide!

1st 300 to qualify will be hired.